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Beauty in Ayurveda is the balance between inner beauty or serenity and contentment, and outer beauty or physical perfection .

“In Ayurveda, skin is considered a manifestation of inner health. Our skin is our largest organ and what we apply on it is absorbed to a far greater extent than most of us realise. So skincare can also be a tool to balance one’s constitution and achieve healthy and beautiful skin. This is the theory behind choosing skincare according to dosha.”

According to the philosophy, universal life force manifests as three different energies, or doshas, known as vata, pitta, and kapha. We're all made up of a unique combination of these three forces. Though everyone has some of each, most people tend to have an abundance of one or two of the doshas. This unique combination is determined at the moment of conception, and is your own personal blueprint, or prakriti (nature). As you move through life, the proportion of each of the three doshas constantly fluctuates according to your environment, your diet, the seasons, the climate, your age, and many other factors. As they move into and out of balance, the doshas can affect your health, energy level, and general mood.

The Three Doshas

Vata dosha is the Ayurvedic mind-body type that is associated with air and space. It’s light, cool, and dry in nature and it governs all movement in the mind and body, including blood flow, elimination of wastes, breathing, and the movement of thoughts across the mind.
Since Pitta and Kapha cannot move without it, Vata is considered the leader of the three Ayurvedic Principles in the body .
Kapha types have strong frames and are naturally athletic as long they are exercising regularly to manage their tendency to gain weight. The influence of the earth and water elements makes them innately stable, compassionate, and loyal. They appreciate doing things in a methodical, step-by-step manner, and prefer a regular routine in their personal and professional lives.

Pitta dosha is the Ayurvedic mind-body type that is associated with fire and water. It’s sharp and hot in nature and governs metabolism and all things heat-related in the Kapha dosha is the Ayurvedic mind-body type that is associated with earth and water. It’s slow and steady in nature and embodies structure and stability in the mind and body. Slow to anger and easygoingmind and body. Pitta is the dosha of transformation.Those who are Kapha-predominant may have larger-frame bodies and heavier builds. When in balance, they are the teddy bears among us—sweet in nature and a pleasure to be around.

Understanding Imbalances in the Doshas

Imbalances in the doshas are generally caused by unsupportive diet and lifestyle choices, as well as stress or emotional trauma. These disturbances tend to upset the natural state of internal equilibrium represented by one’s constitution. When the doshas become aggravated, each of them disrupts the body in its own unique way. Therefore, vata, pitta, and kapha are each associated with a particular set of health challenges and tendencies toward disease.

“It is helpful to follow the Ayurvedic daily routine that best suits your dosha, but it is equally important to follow the Ayurvedic seasonal routines (Ritucharya) for us to stay in good shape and health and keep skin balanced. Seasons change and our eating habits, lifestyle, physical activity and everything else needs to change accordingly.

In essence, it’s about tempering our approach depending on our environment and giving skin and body what it needs throughout the year, rather than subscribing to one particular skin type or health blueprint all year round. Think cooling, soothing skincare and a lifestyle to complement the calm come summer, and needs of the season. Managing the doshas is very much essential for healthy body and skin.