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What is my dosha?


Everyone is their own unique mixture of all three doshas. When we are born, we are in alignment with our unique doshic balance but as we get older, life events and environment bring us out of alignment. Most people have one dominate dosha with a second that is closely tied to it while the third one has a weaker influence on personality and body type.

Once you think you know your dosha, read the following descriptions and see if it still sounds right. Keep in mind that all of us have some characteristics from each dosha, but one is usually dominate. You might find that you are a fairly equal combination of two.  


You are active and energetic, sometimes restless. Your body type is thin or slender with little muscle development and prominent joints. Skin is dry with visible veins. You tend to do things fast—fast talker, fast learner, multi-tasker, get things done! But your energy comes in bursts and you may tire quickly. Sleep is irregular and you may suffer from insomnia. You tend to forget things quickly, and experience racing, disjointed thoughts. You are adaptable to change, but are likely to feel anxious or worried in unfamiliar environments. You can find yourself out of balance easily, so it’s important that you not overdo things and get the rest you need.


You are of medium build, with soft, warm skin that flushes easily and may be dotted with freckles and moles. You may also struggle with rashes and oily skin. You like challenges and have a sharp intellect. Your energy tends to be consistent and you are good at concentrating and focusing in on something. You don’t do well when you skip meals, as you have a sharp hunger and thirst. You express yourself well, and may be an articulate conversationalist. When stressed out, you tend to become angry and irritable. You need time to wind down at the end of the day to slow your active mind so you can rest.


You have a solid or powerful, large build. You tend to gain weight easily. Your skin is smooth and moist with few wrinkles, and you have thick or wavy hair. You tend to move slowly, but you have a lot of endurance. Easy-going and relaxed, you are affectionate and loving and don’t often get angry. You like to sleep and often sleep in too long. You have an excellent memory and are often the calm one in the room. You are tolerant and forgiving, and devoted to your family. You are not easily upset, but under stress, can become stubborn, lazy, and depressed. Others tend to lean on you.

Remember that you may have dominant traits of two types, in which you experience a combination of attributes. You may display qualities of both, or alternate between them.

USING YOUR DOSHA TO GET BEAUTIFUL Using your dosha to get beautiful skin

How can you use your dosha type to care for your skin? In Ayurvedic medicine, it’s all about balance, so if your skin is dry, you balance it with moisture.

Try the following tips. If you are a combination of two doshas, use the tips from both and tailor them to your skin’s unique makeup.



Thin, delicate, and almost transparent. Prone to dryness, flakiness, dark spots, and premature fine lines and wrinkles. Usually does not have clogged pores. You may also have dark under eye circles.


You are normal to dry.


  • Use gentle cleansers so you don’t over dry or strip your skin.
  • Moisturize immediately after cleansing to keep skin hydrated.
  • Look for warming, deeply moisturizing products that will provide your skin with essential fatty acids. Think coconut, almond, sesame, and olive oils along with shea butter and honey.
    • Don’t over-exercise—choose grounding activities like yoga, walking, pilates, swimming, dance, short hikes, and similar activity levels for balance.
    • Protect your skin from the environment—wear scarves, hats, and gloves.
    • Try to get regular sleep. Go to bed at the same time each night, and try a before-bed routine that helps you relax.
    • Pitta skin care


    • Clear and radiant, but can occasionally be irritated and red. Easily sunburned. May have freckles and moles. At risk for sensitive skin and oily skin. May have congested pores in the T-zone.


      You have combination, sensitive skin.


      • Stay away from chemical-filled products that can irritate and inflame your skin. Choose natural and pure products made with plant-based extracts.
      • You want ingredients in your skin care that calm and balance hydration. Look for coconut, sunflower, grape seed, licorice root, lavender, rose, and tea tree. You can also use soothing herbs like neem, sandalwood, and thyme.



      Few to no wrinkles for you! You have smooth, moist skin, but that means you may also have large pores and oiliness. Prone to oily skin, blocked pores, and dull or pale skin. You may also have puffy eyes, and suffer from rashes.


      You are normal to oily.


      • Make sure you thoroughly clean your skin, especially at night before bed. Never go to bed with your makeup on. Think about your pores!
      • Resist the temptation to overly dry your skin, as that will cause a rebound oily effect. Instead, choose gentle cleansers and alternate for deep cleaning and exfoliation.
      • Choose moisturizers that are light but nourishing. Look for invigorating herbs like rosemary, yarrow, peppermint, geranium, citrus (lemon and orange), and sesame.